The World Natural Bodybuilding Federation of Singapore promotes the all-natural, drug-free Sport of Bodybuilding across the nation.

With the WNBF having 30 years of experience it is the natural bodybuilding federation that is highly acclaimed and with the most experience.

This sport is not new to Singapore, however, our strict adherence to a drug-free platform is, and is gaining in popularity exponentially as more individuals follow a healthier lifestyle.

We are looking for corporates who are interested in health, wellness, social media where we can work together actively promoting the message of strength and health, to attract individuals in empowering their lifestyle and becoming the best of their abilities.

I look forward to meeting with you at your earliest convenience to discuss how your support of the WNBF Singapore will capture the attention of the market that we both share.

You may reach me directly at +65-90279538 or [email protected]

Thank you so very much for your attention. I look forward to meeting with you very soon.

Melvyn Yeo

It’s going to be awesome!!